Romance: What types go with ENTP?

topic posted Sun, October 1, 2006 - 5:43 AM by  Boisenberg
Ok, so the INTPs, the INFJs and the INTJs are all doing this:

What type would you recommend as the optimal ENTP-love match and why?

I myself am pretty straight forward in the matter and would go with the INFJ.

How about you?

If you would be so kind as to back up your statements with your concrete experiences it would serve for an even more interesting thread.
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  • My spouse of nearly 12 years is ISFP. So I guess those two can go together. It's not always easy but then any marriage that's lasted at least a decade is bound encounter some friction along the way.
    • I'm a female ENTP who's happily partnered with a male INTP. Works great . . . we're both intellectual, enjoy traveling, learning about everthing, and enjoy our independence. I'm more extroverted so I go out more often to recharge, and he enjoys staying at home more. He's very laid back about me doing my own things. We spend quality time together, but also spend quality time a part. He's funny, witty and a bit sarcastic but I love his sense of humor and he gets my sense of humor. So it's all good.
  • I am an INTJ. Some theorists say your natural partner has your opposite letters (INTJ-ESFP). Kiersey says nearly the same, with the exception that the second letter (S or N) is the same for both (So INTJ-ENFP).

    I tend to believe Kiersey's veiw. I have been involved with an ESTP, and it didn't work at all. I find that I am HIGHLY attracted to the ENFP's. I have learned (from others, from theory, and am currently learning from experience) that when your 1st process (Ni- introverted iNtuition for me) is that same as your partners 5th process (Ne- extraverted iNtuition for me), you and that person will likely experience your shadows in one another, and this will come across either as exotic, or as a more negative experience. If the attraction is there, it likely will be a VERY intoxicating and seductive relationship for both.

    For the ENTP, this works out to INFJ, or INTJ.

    For the INTJ, this works out to ENFP, or ENTP.

    I don't know any female ENTP's, but I do know i am HIGHLY attracted to and stimulated by the female ENFP's-- sexually and romantically. I find that ESFP's are a little shallow for me.

    To use the best metaphor/analogy I can to describe my affinity for the ENFP's...

    ... When I walked into a crowded room where I know no one, and I hear her speak, my eyes and head immediately "shift" her direction because even thru all of the noise, I have heard a note I like...

    Has anyone experienced this with an INFJ or INTJ?

    Just curious.
    • I think that where you fall on the range of each parameter figures heavily into relationship dynamic as well. I'm a female ENTP, but I'm so extremely T and P that F's make me crazy and nothing ever gets done when I'm with other P's. My most fulfilling relationships have been with ESTJs or INTJs.
  • I am a female ENTP and my boyfriend is an INFJ. I have always thought that we were an odd couple because we seem to be exactly alike and polar opposites at the same time. How we are successful I have not a clue, but I do know that we fit together. The ENTP/INFJ relationship can best be described as yin and yang- perfect and yet compatible opposites. For example.... I am extremely disorganized, and not only that but extreme tidiness irks me to no end. My boyfriend is religiously organized and sees messiness as a taboo. Also, he makes detailed plans while I tend to be whimsical and let whatever happens happen. Once we went to a concert and after as we were walking back through the nearly mile-long parking lot in the dark, we realized that we had no notion of where we had parked the car. After continuous and futile searching he became frustrated. I was simply delighted to be walking aimlessly in the dark and i knew that we would find the car eventually. I just laughed with the situation and he became more comfortable and able to relax... in the end, we had a lovely ....2 hour walk in the dark, but found the car and lived to tell about it. The best part about our relationship is that we respect each other and we work on common ground then compromise. I do wish to become more organized, and my boyfriend feels that he should let a bit looser. And so it goes. Why? That is not the question for me. I can honestly say that I would never have dreamed of dating an INFJ but now I wouldnt have it any other way. :)
  • I think ENTPs and ENFPs are almost equals in energy and charisma and curiosity, but we don't accept each other as equals.
    We make great friends, but horrible co-inhabitants. Too much head-buttin'!

    INFJ sounds great for ya'
  • Married my own kind (rationalist), an ENTJ for thirteen years.

    Jumped the barnyard fence, and ran for the Idealists lot. In that time, came back to the Rationalist group for one more sampling and went back to where the Idealists were:
    ESTJ (Rationalist sampling)
    • One more


      INFJ is the last one on the Idealists that I might be more compatible with. Looking forward to meeting INFJs.
    • Change Rationalist Sampling to Guardian Sampling. My mind was on the ENTJ. Hey, do any other ENTP's attract ENTJs as friends? I meet many ENTJs and since I"m used to them, we get along pretty good, until they start wanting to boss me around, haha.
  • this is interesting - it's nice to get some insight into the ENTP mind. My ENTP friend has been BOGGLING my mind for more than a decade. I'm an ENFP by the way.

    I don't want to say for sure that these two types (ENTP + ENFP) couldn't be in a romantic relationship, because I met this guy when I was like 10 years old (and I think that living through embarrassing adolescent experiences with others can tend to blind you to romantic potential sometimes) - but I just can't see any romantic thing happening between us. It seems like there is too much "keeping options open" on BOTH of our parts - so how could we ever settle on each other?

    Although, I do have to say, the sexual tension between us is just ridiculous. If mere sexual tension were enough for me, I'd be all over it. :P
  • This discussion doesn't look particularly current - but this is my first post so here goes.
    I am a female ENTP and have been with my ENTJ partner for just over 10 years. We still like each other, do things together, laugh and talk together. We both have busy working and social lives but relax at home in each others company.
    If you asked him about things that annoyed him I think he would say that I am indecisive - probably. I would say that I don't like to commit to things as quickly as him. He can get the facts and make his mind up in an instant, that's what makes him successful in business. I like to try out all the options first, then make up my mind - more fun. Not cautious, just more easily bored.
    Theoretically this shouldn't work at all, but I feel we are a good match and am happily entwined.

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