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When reading up on the famous ENTPs from both Keirsey and Butt it seems that these authors hold the ENTP in a somewhat lesser esteem that other NTs. One moot point that particularly stresses this impression is the fact that their lists of famous ENTPs combined amounts to litte more than Hollywood actors and assorted second-rate celebrities.

(Although I was flattered to find Alexander the Great under famous ENTPs I think we can all agree that the details of his life are too sporadic to make this any more than high speculative at best.)

Furthermore the selected celebreties rely alot on explorers and inventors in the litteral sense of the word, (ie Colombus or Tesla). I do not know about you but this does not fit my personality at all.

I have a hard time believing that there are no better role models for us as ENTPs. Please join me in compiling a richer list.

Allow me to start myself: How about these candidates for famous ENTPs?

Socrates: Never committed anything to writing, searched out theoretical discussion at every given moment, iconoclastic, critical of established tradition. Keirsey types him an INTP but I am yet to be confronted with a good argument as to why this should be so.

Leonardo da Vinci: Who compiled endless notes on various theoretical subjects but never published a single coherent written work. Invented a large number of ingenious machines and took an interest to almost every subject of his day.

Oscar Wilde: One of the most successful playwrights of late Victorian London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day, known for his barbed and clever wit. Although a proficient and versatile writer, Wilde only wrote one novel during his lifetime.
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  • MacGyver rocked my world when i was a TV watchin' kid...a very inspiring ENTP hero...though fictional to be sure...

    as for real examples, i'd bet Bayard Rustin was ENTP as well.

    A lotta people don't know about him. Chalk it up to American forgetfulness.

    Bayard Rustin was the main organizer of the 1963 march on Washington where King gave his "I have a dream" speech, and was openly gay at a time when you could be arrested in most states just for being gay.

    He was ballsy and independent in the way he stood his ground on his views throughout his life, even when his views were unpopular with his friends. He was also something of an itinerant organizer: traveling the country, involved in all sorts of liberation struggles even beyond Black liberation and gay liberation: the Japanese-American internment, Indian struggle against British imperialism, the War Resisters league, etc.
  • I would have to say that Edison was the most influential in modern culture. He perfected and brought to market the very essence of what we call American culture even if he wasn't the first to invent these things.

    A useful incandescent lamp. Power plants. Recorded music. Motion pictures. Radio indirectly through DeForest playing around with "the edison effect" of thermionic emission which brought TV and modern electronics. Thanks to Edison we have night life, headlights, iPods, DVRs .... he is modern American culture.
    • Other little known inventions of his:

      The voting machine (his first patented invention)
      Improved the stock ticker
      Assisted Sholes in making the first working model of the typewriter.
      The concept of multiplexing where several telegraph signals could travel down the same wire at the same time. We use that today in the telephone industry.
      Wax paper
      "The electric pen" printing device that led to the mimeograph which led to the copier which led to the laser printer
      The "rheostat" better known to you as a volume control.
      Improved the telephone through the invention of the carbon microphone "button" still used today in phones that use line power. Led to the invention of the microphone and the solid state diode.
      Invented the "Telescribe" which combined the phonograph with the telephone. Led to voice mail and automated announcements.
      Greatly improved power generation and distribution but was eventually overtaken by Westinghouse's AC power system.
      First electric motor for 110 volt lines
      First municipal street lighting system using underground lines
      First light bulb factory
      First magnetic iron ore separator
      First electric railway
      First power company
      First wireless telegraphy
      Invented a ship to shore wireless system
      Invented the motion picture camera
      Invented the Fluoroscope for medical diagnostics
      Improved the X-Ray tube
      Invented steel alkaline batteries
      Formed the Portland Cement company, invented cast concrete one piece mold, improved cement making in general. Contracted to build Yankee Stadium
      Invented a new dictation machine that allowed the operator to make corrections
      Invented the AC/DC "universal" motor.
      Invented "high fidelity" recording and the diamond stylus
      Invented talking motion pictures
      Improved telescribe that could record both sides of a phone conversation
      Found ways of synthesizing many different chemicals needed by industry in World War I
      Invented method to locate the position of guns by sound ranging (led to SONAR)
      Method of detecting a torpedo launch
      Invented underwater searchlights

      Overall 1,368 individual patents. Still a world record for one individual.
  • Look no further than Barack Obama.

    This guy, despite other loose and flimsy MBTI predictions, is an ENTP through and through.

    He's an amazing crowd reader, highly socially-aware, and can immediately identify (albeit a little coldly) with others (strong "E").
    His slogan was "Hope" and "Change"... focuses on the vision, the future, the possibilities. (strong "N")
    Cool and objective in debates, meets with Castro and other supposed "enemies", extremely logical and step-oriented, almost surgical precision in arguments (Strong "T")
    He is a messy and disorganized, his "J" wife cleans up after him, and he oozes the, "chill, it's all good, I got it under control!" mentality (strong "P").

    What better role model than a guy who has demolished every status quo and succeeded at unprecedented degrees due to his intelligence, vision, and truly charming persona? Obama should be the keystone of our ENTP aspirations in this decade and even the next.
  • Since there are no women on these lists yet, I shall add a fictional one: Brenda from "The Closer." Besides the obvious personality traits, she displays a quality common in ENTP women: She has adopted a hyper-feminine persona in reaction to constantly being told she is "intimidating" or that "men are scared of her."

    I wonder if Hillary Clinton is an ENTP? Maybe Golda Meir?

    Other ideas?
  • I agree....

    Also, what about the thoughtful, cynical and quick-witted storytellers who may have been ENTPs.... Mark Twain gets typed as ENFP but he may have been either ENTP, ENFP or not have had a strong preference towards either just "T" or just "F"....

    Even though I've seen it stated that ENTPs may be inventors of stories rather than machines, seems like all the great storytellers / intellectual comedians get attributed to some other type (often the ENFP or the ESFP).
    • Very good, lori! I am a writer, working on a novel now.....I do tend to "over-think" it, maybe I just need to get past that and choose between the possible plot-twists! :-)

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